Overview of Foundation in Accountancy

Foundation in Accountancy/Certified Accounting Technician is also known as FIA/CAT. The qualification is bestowed on the completion of 9 exams, including set of awards, certificates, and diploma. In fact, CAT/FIA doesn’t focus on your qualification level, but it starts you at the most relevant level throughout a range of Foundation level certificates and diplomas that provide the ideal starting point for anyone new to accounting and finance and who doesn’t have any formal qualifications.

  • Students who complete all nine exams, including two specialist options in Foundations in Taxation, Financial Management or Audit, the Foundations in Professionalism module and a year’s work experience will gain the CAT qualification.
  • Once the first seven core exams are completed, student can either continue their CAT pathway to attain the CAT qualification or transfer to the ACCA qualification to start at F4 of the Fundamentals level - receiving exemption from the first three exams at this level.
  • All students have to complete the Foundations in Professionalism interactive module to achieve any of the foundation level awards.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 16 years old
  • Preferably secondary school-level education

Program Structure

*CAT Qualification awarded after successful completion of 9 papers.

For more information on dual course, exemptions, or any other details please contact by means of